The Vance 122 Sq. ft – Tiny Home

Inside dimensions: 12’10” x 6’3″ ; 6’7″ x 8″
Doors: 4’1″ x 6’7/8″
Height overall: 8″


Designed without any consideration angle, from any perspective, this L-shaped do-it-yourself cabin is easy to install and will beautify any space with its impressive design concept. Featuring double windows and a double door the interior layout is perfect for a variety of uses. Grow to be this versatile space into a book nook, a Zen retreat or a dining area. Spend time in the appealing cabin as you quietly calm down and rejuvenate or share the space with family or friends. Easily assembled in a slightly short time, just a couple of extra helping hands will make the process go speedily and with ease as you receive simple instructions and a video demonstration with your cabin kit. Install your cabin kit, decorate it according to your needs and you are sure to enjoy the additional room it provides. . Tiny Homes Painting and Staining Suggestions Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other top structures are supplied untreated unless you direct us in a different way whereas all foundation and terrace boards come pretreated. It is therefore advised that paint, stain or oil be applied to all natural hardwood structures soon after they are assembled. We recommend the usage of natural wood preservative, remedy, and protection products to maintain the eco-friendly essence of our whole wood products. This remedy of paint, stain or oil will serve to give protection to your new building against more than a few weather conditions as well as add to the aesthetic design of the structure Tiny Homes Electricity and Plumbing Information and Suggestions Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other structures can be upgraded by installing electricity and/or plumbing. It has turn into a popular trend to repurpose the larger multi-room cabin models into a kitchen and/or bathroom. Additionally, many of our cabins work perfectly as a spa for a Jacuzzi and/or hot tub.
Inside dimensions: 12’10” x 6’3″ ; 6’7″ x 8″
Doors: 4’1″ x 6’7/8″
Height overall: 8″
Weight: 2789

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