The Fin 112 Sq.Ft

Floor area: 112 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness: 1-1/4″
Outside dimensions: 12′11″ x 16′1″


Log cabins are steadily rustic with a genuine feel. Their quaintness and timeless appeal provide a sense of stability and security. The Fin offers a beautifully appointed space that you’ll be able to design according to your personal preferences in order to make the interior inviting and awe-inspiring. As the aroma of scented candles or potpourri emanates through the air the comfort and ambiance of peace and serenity will be realized by all who enter this cozy abode. Great for entertaining, enjoying family time or catching up on some reading, writing or craft projects The Fin has a small covered porch and an interior with an open floor plan so you’ll be able to take advantage of the space whether for recreation, pleasure, work or solitude. Find a couple of friends and you’ll be able to install The Fin reasonably simply and expediently with the easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and video demonstration. Tiny Homes Painting and Staining Suggestions Our cabins, sheds, gazebos and other top structures are supplied untreated unless you direct us another way whereas all foundation and terrace boards come pretreated. It is therefore advised that paint, stain or oil be applied to all natural hardwood structures soon after they are assembled. We recommend the use of natural wood preservative, remedy, and protection products to maintain the eco-friendly essence of our whole wood products. This remedy of paint, stain or oil will serve to offer protection to your new building against quite a lot of weather conditions as well as add to the aesthetic design of the structure.
Floor area: 112 Sq.Ft
Wall thickness: 1-1/4″
Outside dimensions: 12′11″ x 16′1″
Height overall: 8′5″
Terrace size: 45 Sq.Ft

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