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Top 3 Tiny House You Can Buy on Amazon

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Tiny houses are in trend, and you can find a lot of inspiration on the internet when it comes to switching to a tiny house. This true pop-culture comes into existence about 5 years ago when HGTV started Tiny House Hunters. A beautiful small home could be about 400 to 600 square feet. There are many reasons why people love to switch from traditional houses to tiny ones, because of less maintenance, lower utility costs, mobility, convenient upkeep, and novelty. No doubt, there are various specialized websites which offer customers consultancy in choosing the best tiny houses, but have you ever thought of purchasing a tiny house on Amazon?

1. Timber House dual 40-foot containers

Are you looking for the most beautiful and tiny functional house? Here come the timer house dual 40-foot containers by Saracen Outdoors. No doubt, it is the elegant prefab design and looks extremely beautiful. This may not be exactly the tiniest of homes, but it is a prefab design and that even those chary of small living spaces will find it big enough. It compromises two 40 foot shipping containers. It includes a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and office on the ground floor. While heading upstairs, you will find a loft-style bedroom, with abundant of natural light. The best thing about this big, tiny house is it comes with a $75,000 price tag, which somehow justifies its features. But no doubt it offers enough comfort, and style that forces you to stay in it.

Here are some fantastic features of this tiny home.


  • It is made up of 40ft container; the total is 50ft long, and 16ft wide and 19.2fit high.
  • It comes with one kitchen, bathroom, living room with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor.
  • It is based on 2 containers instead of 4. The owner has two connect the stairs with it. However, the plumbing needs to be connected, with no furniture available.
  • It comes with a kit to fix it.

So yes, if you are looking for a minimalistic lifestyle living, then the #1 product in our list is Timber House dual 40-foot containers.

Here are some pros and cons.


  • It is a tiny prefab house with a lot of space inside.
  • It is super-easy to connect and shift from one place to another.
  • Architecture is according to the latest housing trends.


  • You may have to connect it by yourself, which many customers can find ill or inconvenience.
  • The plumbing needed to be installed.
  • Price is a bit high as compared to functionality.

2. Allwood Eagle Point | Cabin Kit

Here comes another beautiful tiny house on amazon— Allwood Eagle Point cabin kit. It is made up of gorgeous and durable Nordic Spruce wood. The best thing about this tiny house is it can be used as both recreational and stand-alone retail space. Whether you need a small space for an office or a vacation home, this tiny cabin is what you need.  It can also qualify as an ADU in your specific area. However, you need to aware of ADU regulations.

No doubt, Eagle Point Designs looks elegant in the urban areas, where you can find most cabins of traditional design, and give an out-dated look. So if you are looking for an amazingly beautiful and unique kit cabin model, then here is Eagle Point tiny house you can opt for though it doesn’t qualify as a tiny house, because it is more than a 400 sq. But it is perfect for a family looking for a spacious cabin.

Here are some features of this home.


  • The inside floor area of this cabin is approximately 1108 sqf. in total.
  • The wall thickness is about 70mm (2-3/4”).
  • The floor, ceiling boards, and roof thickness are 23/32”.
  • The windows and doors can be added and deleted according to our requirements.

Here are the pros and cons of this home.


  • It is an ideal cabin for home and office, provide plenty of spacious space.
  • It comes in contemporary urban styling with large windows allow an abundance of natural light.
  • This tiny house is suitable for environments where the classic cabins styles don’t fit.
  • Super-easy to assemble.


  • It doesn’t include roofing materials.
  • The cost is $46,900.00, which is no doubt a lot.

What is Included in the Kit?

  • It includes Nordic Spruce Wall planks, floorboards, and roof.
  • Extremely durable pre-hung doors and windows.
  • Pre-assembled gables.
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions.
  • It includes all screws, fixes, nails, handles, and door locks.

3. Expandable Container House With Solar Energy

Here comes another beautiful expandable container house with solar energy— the best house to use in variety of situations that makes your life super-easy. The cost of this expandable container house is $24,800.00. The best thing about this house is it is super-easy to assemble, and comes with clear instructions. Each part of this tiny house is made of hot galvanized light steel frame, which ensure optimum safety. One can use this container as an accommodation, office, living house, etc. It has a small bathroom, living area with kitchen area. You can find sandwich panels doors, wall, and windows.


  • The company is focused on manufacturing color steel coils, and corrugated steel sheets with sandwich panel.
  • This house not only offers aesthetic beauty, but comes with fast installation and durability. The company aims to offer customer satisfaction by introducing scientific, reasonable and effective solution.
  • Every part of this pretty house is made of hot galvanized light steel frame.

So, if you are looking for a small, functional, and attractive house, then we recommend this house.

Here are some pros and cons to this house.


  • The best thing about this tiny house is super-easy to install.
  • It offers anti-rust properties, which means all material use hot galvanized steel.
  • It offers waterproof feature with fire rating A grade, so yes it is a perfect house for you.
  • This tiny house is based on 12 pcs concrete block foundation.
  • The solar power system can charge in less than 10 hours, but it depends on the local sunshine condition.


  • This beautiful 20ftx40ft container costs $24,800.00, can be costly for some buyers.

I hope this article will help you know about various aspects of your these houses.  We are here to help you find the best tiny house on Amazon at the best cost. Don’t forget to comment if you have something interesting to share with us.

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